Saturday, October 15, 2011

We Won!

We won!  We really, really won!  Our class won the Super Board Award!  This award is given every few months when new bulletin boards go up.  Our award is for the best board in K-1. It is given to the class that best represents the learning that is going on inside the classroom - and our class won!   We represented the work that the students are doing with "Star Names"  each day.  I hope your child has come home and told you who is the "Star Student" each day, and by now, you have probably received a booklet of pictures that the other children have drawn of your child when they were the featured star.

The board was designed by the teachers, of course, but it features the outstanding work of the children and the special artistic talents of our Homeroom Mom, Artist-in-residence, Kim (Will's mom).  Thank you Kim for making our board shine!  Make sure to stop by and see our award winning board!  Woo hoo!

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