Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dank You, Mrs. Jackson

We have been so fortunate this year to have retired Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Jackson, volunteer at Chet's Creek! She has offered a Guidance lesson for each kindergarten and first grade class each month this year, and... the children absolutely LOVE her! She reads us books and often gives us a book to keep ("Dank you" is from one of the books she read to us about thankfulness). She leaves us a bag of lollipops each visit but also leaves us with a character lesson to remember. Today the over 400 students from kindergarten and first grade gathered to tell her thank you!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Reflex Math

Reflex Math is a computer game that works on Math fluency. Many of the children have been working on it all year! We are thrilled that the program will be available all summer! You can get to the program by clicking on it on the right side of the blog or by typing in Reflex Math. Our class password is RT. Each child's sign on information is inside the blue folder. Please make sure your child enjoys the program over the summer!

Math Work for Summer

Sending home Math Workbook and lots of practice sheets today that the children can use to play school or for extra Math practice. Enjoy!

Oh NO!

It was a tough day on the playground!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Last Session with Reading Partners

Today was the last session with our amazing fifth grade reading buddies.  We'll miss them!

Monday, May 20, 2013


In a first grade classroom teeth are a really BIG deal because it seems like every day or two somebody loses a tooth right in the middle of instruction.  It never gets old - watching the wonder and excitement in a first graders eyes as they show you the new tooth in their hand!


Friday, May 17, 2013

Extended Day Talent Show

Chets Creek has an amazing Extended Day Program - bigger than many full sized schools!  Today they held their annual Talent Show.  Congrats to the children from our class that sang and danced their way to stardom!  You guys rock!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Harvesting Carrots


Today we finally harvested out carrots! Awesome!

The carrots came in all sorts of shapes and sizes!
After cleaning them, we ate them!  They were pretty fantastic!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Rock the Jukebox

Two of our students were chosen to be in a school play that featured students from kindergarten to fifth grade.  We got to go the play today called Rock the Jukebox.  We loved it!  They were GREAT!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Pizza Party!

Our last field trip of the year was to CiCi's.  What a fun trip!  We boarded the bus.
When we got to CiCi's the children were divided into pairs and given dough to manipulate.

We added sauce.
We added cheese.

We added pepperoni.
And it was YUMMY!

Thank you CiCi's!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

We have been working on persuasive writing, as you probably know, because you have been getting letters trying to persuade you to do all sorts of things!  This week we have been writing persuasive essays about our Mothers.  Each essay had to include an opening statement/ opinion, at least three reasons with examples and/or details and then a restatement of the opinion to close.  After the children wrote, revised and edited their essays to their moms, they were given an opportunity to type their essay into our classroom blog.  The spelling and punctuation are as they were typed. 

 Why do we think your mom is the best? 

Below are some of the children's ideas about their moms.  Very persuasive!

ByNathen                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             My  mom is   the  best   mom     in    the    univers    because    she      gives    me     what           me    and        my         sisters         want.     she     keeps     a    roof     over      my   head .        my  mom  is   funy  because  she  makes  funy   fases   and  makes  me  laf   so   mom   is  caring   because    when I   fel  off   my   bike     and  she     pikt   me    up     and     whipt    my   nee   she     poot           a    bandade     on  mom    is    helpful    because    when    I     am   on   a   hard      problem     my   mom    helps mom is the  best  mom   in   the univers          

By Jaiden
My  mom is the best.  My mom is silly because whenever there is music on she dances funny. I laugh so hard that   I  can’t  even  breath.  My  mom  is  helpful.  Whenever I need help on my homework she helps me with my homework. My mom is very good at math. My mom is a good listener cause  whenever   I say something she listens to me. Now you see why my mom is the best. 

By Cohen
My  mom  is  the  best  mom in  the  world  because  one  time  she  took  me   to  the  universal   circus. She  cares  about  me   more  than  her  job  and  how  little  money  we  have  .she   also  lets  me  go  see  my   dad   who  I  miss  a  lot. Sometimes  we  go  to  the  movies  together  and we  get  popcorn   and    candy   and   ices. When   we  go  to  my  grandma’s  house  she  always   takes    us   to  Kris be  creams    and  lets  us  eat  them  before  we  brush   our   teeth .My   mom  is  pretty  because   she   always  has  a  good   outfit.   She  has  a  great  attitude  unlike  my   brother   and  now   you  know   why    my    mom  is  the  best

By Alyssa

My mom is the best . My mom is creative because she drew a pictuire of a monkey .It was cool . I loved it . She is a good cook too, because she baked a cake. It tasted good . I ate two big pieces . My mom is a good listener because when I wan’ted my friend to sleep over she herd me just fine. See I tould you my mom was the best.

By Addision

You might want my mom to be your mom because My mom is very very nice because on my birthday she let Me skip soccer prackytis and go to Rebonderz. we also will go to Disney because we always Go to Disney .

I think my mom is so pretty because one Time she went to a party and she wore a long Dress and boots.

my mom is also creative because once she and I were coloring a my little ponny coloring sheet. It was awesome.

so now you know why you might want my mom.

By Liam
I think my mom is the best mom in the world. my mom is so sweet Because she bot me a bike just for fun. My mom is sweet . she kisses me when she tucks me in my Bed at night. My mom is a good cook Because when she makes Blueberre pancakes I Love them. My mom makes good spaghetti. I Love it. my mom is helpful. she’s help’s me clean my room. don’t you think my mom is the best mom in the wold?

By Gabriel
I am so lucky to have my mom. I love her because when I want her to volunteer she says I will volunteer. Another reason is she helps me with my Homework. If I am struggling with something hard she helps me with it.The most important reason is that every night she lets me stay up late and she does something nice for me. She tucks me into bed every night and tells me how much she loves me. last of all is if I want to play games She plays the particular game I want to play . I am so lucky to have my mom. I love her so much.

By Hailey
I am so lucky to have my silly mom. My mom is silly because one time me and mom were talking about a field trip to Diamond D Ranch and then I said” where do I go for exstendid day?" and she said ‘” Diamond D Ranch.” This is my favorite one yet. One time I was reading one of the rhyming word books and I said to mom “what are the rhyming words?”and she said “with”. My mom is so silly.

My mom is pretty because one time when my mom was going to a weding she had a pretty blue dress on. It was amazing.

My mom is a good cook because one time when we were eating brefthes my mom cooked baken and it was salty.  It was greesy and tastey.  It was good.

I am so lucky to have my silly mom.

By Malynn
My mom is the best. She’s nice. Every day after school she lets me drive.   My mom is joyful. She smiles a lot. My mom is funny. She makes funny faces that make me lol. My mom is fun. She plays Barbie’s .my mom is a good cook. She makes really good chocolate cakes .My mom cares about me. She  gets  me really good clothes  and  sweatters.  My mom  has really  good  surprises Once she got my ears persed and  I didn’t even know she was going to let me. Now you  know why my mom is the best!

May6 2013
I love you mom because you do not make me eat soup.   My mom gets me dressed all day long.  My mom is so nice and awesome. My mom helps me do my homework my mom is a sweet worker. I love my mom and my mom loves me. Love Asher. Thank You Mom   

By Griffin
My mom is the best mom ever because she takes me everywhere to the pool to the park to the waterpark she is the best because she is nice all the time. She is a very very  very  very  good cook because one mornining my mom was cooking a cake with me. She was mauking it for my broether’s birthday partay.  She made it so much fun I laught so hared I couldn’t brethe.  So now you see way my mom is so much fun!

By Blake
I   love my mom .My   mom is kind because  she  lets me  make  a volcano cookie. One time she let me go on the Bus On a Field mom is funny because she sometimes dances likecrazy.that’s why I love my mom.      

By Kayla
My mom is the best because she lets me go to BJs.  She is nise because she lets me go to my friends hoase.  She lets me stay up late.  Now you  know why my mom is the best.   

And then there's this student who was so excited to be able to write about his mom!  He just kept saying, "But there's so much more!"     A-dor-able! 

IMG 0771 from dayle timmons on Vimeo.