Wednesday, May 25, 2011

From The Minds Of Our Little Architects!

I did a church with people praying inside the church. the city is called NEW Raurk city. I used 3D shapes To build my building. it was hard because it kept falling down. it was in the midle of the city and it has a cross on top of the church. Angelina

We made the church in the midel of new Ruark city. it was Nicole and Catherine's church. The shapes were rectanguler prisums and a cube. there is 14 places in New ruark city. Nicole

My Math partner was Natali and we made a zoo. I wanted to call are city Las Timmons but our city was named New Ruark City. But I like it too. There was one zoo, one church, one police station, one mall, one park, one restaurant and one school. We have a grate city! Claudia

Me and Jeffrey made the houses. we disidid to make the houses because it was the easyist. I still think we shooda made it biger . Do you know what shapes I yoosd? We yoosd a cube, a rectangular prisome and a cone. Alaina

I thout it should be surf's up city. I like the name. The city had a lot of space! My favorite part was building the house. My partner was aliana. She was funny!!!!! Jeffrey

My building was the city mall. Me and vincent put a stage and a automatic door that takes people to there car. Two guards were at the door. Dazha

Me and michael builded a hopstal we put a bed in there.We put a waiting room in our hospital. We put it in the east.autumn

I built a mayors house. i built it with 12 peaces. I like whin i got to build with cubes and rectangular prisms and triangular prisms.connor

Me and Autumn used 12 shapes and we made a hospital out of 12 shapes. Can you believe that? I built a hospitl. I yoused 5 cylinders, a triangler prism, a cube and a rectangular prism. Michael

Me and Nevin builted a hosbitel. it was so hard. it keept falling down so we builted a new hosbitel. we builted in the southeast corner.david

Me and david built a hospital. our town is called New Ruark city. its a very nice place. We built it in the south east. nevin

I wanted to name it joe town but my class chose New ruark city. parker

We built a park and we did a slide.we used a cube and we used a retangeler prisom.we did a skate board ramp and a tunol.we also used a traingeler prisom. we made a slide for little kids too. the city was named new Ruark city. we put the park in the south west corner.jesse

Me and Jesse did a park. we did a slide and a skate baord ramp .it was on the south side and it was by the mall and restaurant. Taylor

I like our building. I like New Ruark City. I and Sean billd a restaurant. It name is Mrs. Timmons restaurant. Soma

Me and Soma bilt a restarant. The peepul that work in owr restarant make good mony. We bilt it nekst to the park in the west. Sean

Me and Shawn built a police station for NEW RUARK CITY! One of the shapes that we used was a sphere.The name of our police station is Duval County police station. Our police station is next to the house.It was fun! Gabriel

I made the new ruark city police station with Gabriel. we put a antina on the roof top and a car in the drive way and its name is very cool. it was very fun.shawn

I built a hospital in New Raurk City.My parther is johanna and nicholas. we are friends . I wanna name the city Skeleton City but my class named it New Raurk City. well I had fun any way so I hope you read this. Jardale

We used 3 ramps and some retanegr prisims. we used 4 trianigulal prisims...NicholasBlack

Me and Connor were building the mayors house.We made it favorite part is new Ruark city.It's cool.I have never seen a city like that but I still like the name. I hope you like it too. Dede

We build New ruark City. I build the hospital. My favorite part is when I build the top part of the hospital. My partners were nick and jardale. johanna

me and Claudia made a zoo out of bloks. My class chose the name new Raurk city. I'd rathor
have named it Writingville because I like the word ville because it's a fun word. You cod
say it all day if you ask me .It was pretty hard to make it at first.Natali

me and nick billd a hospehtl on a city calld new ruark city the hospehl is at north of the city.Brendy

My favoirte part is when we did the map because that was a very good idea. and that
kinda helpt me alitte bit any way that was very fun and I cant what until we do it again and it was funy that we used the bears as cars.Jacob

I love the name new ruark city but I thought of las timmons was a better and dazha built city mall and it was in the south near the was fun I used 2 cubes, 3trianglearprisims,2recteagrerprisims,2 have circles,1 hectagularprisim and I had a lot of fun.Vincent

Sunday, May 22, 2011

One of Our Own

One of our own classmates was chosen to be part of the ARC chorus that performed the National Anthem at the ARC birthday party last week. We are so proud of the students that attend this extra tutoring each week and especially proud to have a student selected for the chorus. They sounded like angels!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Our last first grade field trip was to the Museum of Science and History. What a great day! We visited the planetarium, which was a kid favorite, to review some of the ideas we learned during our Sun and Stars Science unit. After lunch we had time to explore the many exhibits inlcluding the human body and machines! Thanks to Dazha's mom and dad, Autumn's mom and Taylor's dad for going with us!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Douglas Wood, Children's Author

What a treat! On Friday the children were entertained by children's author, Douglas Wood. Each year our Media Specialist, KK Cherney, chooses a children's author and helps find the funds to bring the author to Chets Creek. In year's past we have had some of the most amazing experiences with children's authors and illustrators. It is just such a revelation for the children to actually see and meet an author that they know and love. Mr. Wood delighted the children by telling them the story of Rabbit and the Moon. Some of the children may remember hearing these kind of Native American legends when they were involved in Pow Wow as kindergartners. It's one thing to hear a book read by a teacher, but it's quite something else to hear a book read by the person that wrote the story! Mr. Wood also sings so he taught the children two different songs with motions. He obviously has a heart for nature because his books and songs all help us celebrate the world around us.

Mr. Wood told the children that he has ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and that it was very hard for him to sit still or to just think of one thing at a time. He said that instead of writing just one book at a time, he really had ten books in his mind at the same time! He also talked about how hard it was for him to learn to read until he had a very special teacher in the second grade that really took time with him and helped him learn that all the little squiggles and blots on a page actually held a message. He said that even after he learned that he didn't learn to read quickly. It took a lot more time but he did learn that he was smart and that he could learn. Now he ways he loves to read! He showed the children a copy of his newest book which hasn't even hit the shelves yet.
Douglas' Wood's first book was Old Turtle which is probably his most famous book. It has sold a million copies and has won lots of awards.

Mrs. Phillips chose one of Douglas Woods books, The Secret of Saying Thanks, as the May Book of the Month. She actually read the book to the faculty while Mr. Wood watched! The book in now in our classroom and will be read this week. Hope the children enjoy it as much as the teachers did!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Ladybug, Ladybug!

Have you heard? The ladybugs went into their pupa stage while we were away on the weekend, so when we returned today the larvae were gone as they had curled into the pupa stage.
Ask your kids all about it! I'm wondering if we have yellow ladybugs or the red ones with the black spots? What does your child think?