Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Arts Extravaganza Day Two

Our second day of Arts Extravaganza week included artist Cliff Beaman. He incorporated chalk art and music together all while teaching the children to be good stewards of the earth. The students were amazed by his landscape illustration which included animals and humans alike. The crowd was electrified!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Arts Extravaganza Begins!

A Social Affair featuring our own 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Lopez and some of our CC students was today's assembly!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Can we go to school every day?

April 26, 2013

Dear Dr. Vitti,
I think we should have school on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday because school is a safe place.  I think we should have school every day because it is fun.  I have funny Teachers.  We should have school on Saturday and Sunday so we can learn a lot.  I Love writing so if we had school every day we would have more time to write storys.  Thankyou for lising to my good idea.  Can we PLEASE have school every day?


Griffin Wants to Go Fishing!

May 1, 2013
Dear Lolo,
How is your day?  was it good?  ok let's get strtid..  I want to go fishing. Pleas.  I will not be bad during church.  I will clean my room every day and I will listen to you.  I will throw my trash away so please can you take me fishing?  Pleas.  I will let you relax so pleas take me fishing.
Your loving dodtr

Stop Being So Annoying!

Dear sis

Can you please stop being so annoying . When we ride bikes can you please stop following me? Can you please stop being so annoying ? When I try to tell you something can you please stop being sasy?


Your mad Brothr Manny

Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Puppy for Kensi?

April 25,2013
Dear  Mom
I want a puppy.If  you get me a puppy I will do most of the work.I will brush it 5 times a week or less. I,ll feed it. I,ll give it a bath.  After I do I will take it for a walk and the  most inportent reason is I  will love it and I so dezerv one.  Mom I really really really want a puppy.
                                                                                                          Yore  prinses,       

Can Shubhangi Walk by Herself?

May 1, 2013

Dear mom

Are you feeling good? I want to walk by myself to school. If you let me walk by myself,I would stop at every corner of the road to check the cars if they are coming or not. I’ll sleep as fast as I can in the night. In the morning, I’ll wake up super early. I’ll try to wake up at 7:30. That way I’ll have time to do my exercises have bath time and eat breakfast. And before I go to school, I might have some time to take care of the baby after it’s born. Can I please walk by myself to school?
With love,

Friday, April 26, 2013

It's Just a Dog, Mom!

April 12, 2013

Dear mom

Can I please have a dog ? I will give it food and water and I will walk it down the street. I will wash it .If I had a dog I wod not beg you to play with me. I can play with the dog instead of playing with you mom. I can play catch with the dog and I can play frisbe with it outside. I can play dead with the dog . I relly want a dog !!!

You`r lonely sun


3rd Nine Weeks Soaring Eagles

Gabriel Begs His Dad for a Treehouse

Get ready Mom and Dad, Gabriel has a long list of  things he wants!

April 26, 2013

Dear Dad
Will you please help me build a tree house? Sawyer bothers me too much and a seven year old like me needs his space. If I had a tree house I could have a bay blade war with Alex our next door naber.If you help me build a tree house I will clean my room ,wash the dishes and do laundry.Will you please help me build a tree house ?


Is a Train Set in Jaylen's Future?

April 24 2013 

dear  mom

Can  I  have   a  train set?  if  I  had a Train set I   will  not get   any   reds  or   yellow   Marks.            I   will  Clean   up   the  haws   and I will help   allosin  Weth  her    home   wrck.   thak   you  for   lisening   to   me.   I  realy    want   a  train   set   

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Will Jaiden Get to go Back to Gymnastics?

April 12, 2013
Dear Mom,
Are you felling ok today?  OK well you know how I love gimnastics.  Well I really want to go back if you let me.  I will do all my chores.  I really want to go back to gimnastics!  Some of my friends go to gimnastics so why cant I?  I also did great on my report card.  Can I please go back to gymnastics Mom Please?
Your favorite child,

Rowan Takes On the President of Legos!

April 23,2013

Dear Mr. Knudstop,

I realy want Lego starwars sets to be a lot cheaper. Because all of my friends want lego starwars sets but They are so much money. So can you make lego starwars sets To be cheaper? Because when I give mony to the poor They could probibly buy a lego starwars set for thar kids if it was cheaper so I hope you make lego star wars sets a lot cheaper.Thank you for lising.



Jaylene, Kayla and Grace at the MARC

Working hard after school...
April 25, 2013
Dear    mom      I    want    a      dog     to      protect      us.      if    I     have    a   dog    I   will   quit   begging     you  to   go   out   side.    I  will  give  it  a  bath    every    week.   I   will   feed  it  and     walk    it     every   day.we  can     get    a    dog    that    does    not    bite.  Mom   can   I   pleas   have   a   dog.
Your Duaghter

April 25, 2013
Dear mom and dad,
About that Amaricin girl doll you are getting me for my birthday… can I pleas have some art supplies to make her a bed ? I will help you woshth the dishis and clean all my meses up that I pull out. I will even help dad fix the air cundishiner and I could even hand him his tools . Can I please have some art supplis ? Love your udoribol doter grace.

April 25, 2013
Dear Mrs. phillips,
I would like to have more games at Chets Creek.  bingo would be agood gam.  I Like Bingo.  I would really Love a Justin Bieber gam.  That will be the best.  I think we should have Monopoly too.  We could play befor school.  Thank you for listning to my ideas.
your favorite stubent

Will Manny Get to Stay Up Later?

April 5, 2013
Dear Dad
Can I please stay up late?  If I stay up late I will make my snack fasterand get my school stuff ready .  Can I pleasestay up late?  If I stay up late I willbrush my teeth.  Can  I  please  stay   up late? If  I  stay up  late  I will  pick  my close   out   faster.  Can  I   please stay  up  late? If  I  stay up late  I   always will  wake  up early .
 your hopeful  son

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Nathan Will Stop Asking for a Brother?

April,24 2013

Dear mom and dad

I reeeeealy want a dog.I will take care of him or her.I will take care of it’s food, water and poo. I will try to train it.I want a cute one.I will play with him or her.I will take it for a walk.if I had a dog him or her would keep me warm.I will stop asking for a brother.I will train him or her to play ball. Mom I reaiy want a dog. Thank you for lisining to me. Mom I reeeeealy want a dog.



Addision: A BIG House AND a Dog?

April, 24 2013

Dear mom and dad ,

I realy wan’t a big house and a dog.

If We get a big house I wood like stares. Then me and my sister wouldn’t fight. If we had a big house we wouldn’t run in the house. we would run in the backyard. I think you would like that.

If we had a dog I would take the dog For a walk and feed the dog and play with the dog.

I wan’t a big house and a dog.


Your Princess,


Hailey Tries to Persuasade Mom and Dad to get a Kitten

April 24, 2013

Dear mom and dad

I have been wanting a kitten for months. Can I pleas have a kitten pleas? I will play with the kitten.I’ll feed it and I will clean it’s litterbox. Can I pleas have a kitten pleas? I need a kitten or else I will be lonely and I won’t have a friend to play with. Can you get me a kitten? I won’t it bad lonely .

Your lonely daughter


Can Gabriel Persuade His Mom and Dad to get a Cat?

April 24, 2013
Dear  Mom and Dad,
I really really want  a cat.I  will give it food  and water  and  brush it’s  fur  and give  it  utenshun. If  I get   A cat  me  and my  brother  Sawyer can  get  along better.If   we  had a  cat  we can  play   games with  it  such as  play  with a  toy   mouse and  tickle stick  and play  with  a ball  of  yarn.I  will  clean  my room  every  day.I want  a  cat for  Christmas or  sooner. I’d  like  it sooner.
your’s  truly  Gabriel

Can Abena Convince Her Mom That She Needs a Fish?

April 24 2013
Dear mom

Can I have a fish ? Please? I will feed it . I will clean my room and never make a mess. I won’t play in my room. I will clean the water and if the food is done we will go to Petco every time he needs more food.I will make sure it dosen’t fall in the sink when we change the water .I will take good care of it. I will do every thing it needs.Mom I really need a fish.


Cohen's Persuasive Request to Visit a Friend

April 24, 2013

Dear Mom,
Can I go to Nathan W’s house ? I will be on my best behaveyour. I will have a buddy to walk with.Hes my best friend . Its not fair that Caleb got to hang out with Hose. What about me? I havent done anything.So you have to include me, right? Why is it that he would be the only one getting to play with Hose and I don’t get to go with Nathan? How about if he comes over to our house and we wood play the xbox 360? that way you wouldn’t have to wory about me because I’d be home. please think about it.

Your hopeful son,

Ps. We’ll have fun.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Ice Cream! We all Read for Ice Cream!

Each nine weeks the Principal thinks up some kind of special treat for all the students in the school that make their nine weeks reading goal.  In our first grade classroom, the students are expected to read 25 books (or chapters) at home during a nine weeks.  It works out to about 20 minutes a day at home.  The children have to remember to bring home a different book each night (or they can read a book from home), remind an adult to listen to them read each night, log the book onto a sheet that requires them to write the date and book title, and then remember to turn in the log when it is full and get a new one!  Whew!  Lots to remember for a little one but the habit of reading every night is one that will travel with them throughout their time at Chets Creek.  It's worth the extra work!

Today the payoff was an ice cream truck!  The children got to visit the truck after lunch and choose a special treat.  The Principal manned the truck so she could congratulate all of the children.  They were pretty excited! Over the years she has been slimed, taped to the wall, played Bingo with a prize for every child and the list goes on and on. Can't wait to see what she dreams up for the last nine weeks!

Nathen's Plea to Mom

                                                                                            April  19,2013     

Dear Mom
Can I have a computer? Please? Prety please? if you give it to me I will let you use it any time you want and as long as you want.You can do anything on it. If you give it to me I will wash the londrey and make the beds. Thank you for listenning to me .Remember I realy want a computer.
                                                                                           Love, your sun,

Laura's Concern About the Playground

April 17,2013

Dear Mrs.Phillips

I think we should put a fence around the play ground, because then we won’t need to worrie about the cars. Mrs.Phillips, if you don’t put a fence around the play ground or if we do not see a car we could get smooshed and our parents would not like that. And every night before they go to bed they would think of us. And it would be sad if a first grader got hurt! Mrs.Phillips can you put a fence around the play ground?

Sincerely you’rs,


Avery's Persuasive Letter to the Mayor

DEAR  MAYOR               
Can you  STOP leting people cut down   trees? Anumls live in them to have a home. If we cut down trees we will have eroshun. It taks a long time to grow trees and they are bootiful. if we cut down the trees are town will be ugly. Thank  you for listening. I hope you can save the trees.