Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2nd Nine Weeks Awards

Today some of our parents joined with us as we presented our Second Nine Weeks Awards.  Awards were presented for "E" Citizenship, All E's, Readers-to-Leaders, and Perfect Attendance.  A few special awards were given including the highly coveted "Soaring Eagle."  The "Soaring Eagle" is given in every classroom to the student who has done something exemplary during the nine weeks.  This nine weeks our classroom presented "Soaring Eagles" to two students.  Congratulations to two of the sweetest little girls in the world who have worked so hard this nine weeks.  We are proud of you!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Word Problems

In math we have started doing word problems. Today one student helped us read the problems and then chose students to act it out.

We have been doing word problems every day.  You can help at home by thinking up some problems for your own child such as, "If we have 5 forks and then 5 spoons, how many do we have in all?" or "I'm giving you ten Goldfish.  If you eat 4 of them, how many do you have left?"  Or at the grocery store, "Let's get 3 apples and 4 oranges.  Now how many do we have?"

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Report Cards Go Home Today!

Report cards go home TODAY and we will celebrate in our room tomorrow.  Make sure to join us at 9:15 for our Second Nine Weeks Awards Ceremony. 

Last week the children that will be receiving the "Readers-to-Leaders" Award enjoyed time with the Principal playing Bingo.  Each night your child brings home a form to write down the book that is read.  This coming nine weeks, the children are being encouraged to write the book title down themselves.  No more parent help with the writing!  The children are expected to read 25 books each nine weeks.  That same expectation is for every student K-5.  Reading nightly is a habit  and expectation that your child will have as long as they are at Chets Creek.  Children that read, write down the books, and then remember to turn them in each week receive the "Readers-to-Leaders" Award at our Awards ceremony.  To help encourage students, Mrs. Phillips has a special event for all of the students that meet that goal.  This nine weeks the kindergarten students were invited into the Dining Room to play Super Hero Bingo with the Principal.  Each child left with a prize.  What did your child win?  It's fun for the children and reminds them that reading is important.  Children that don't meet the goal remain in the room to read ):  Have your child started on the goal for the third nine weeks?

Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, Chets Creek!

Happy Birthday to Chets Creek! 14 years old today. Just think, none of the children in our class were even born when Chets Creek opened!

Friday, January 6, 2012

An Author Visit

Today the children at Chets Creek had the delightful experience of hearing children's author Carmen Agra Deedy, and what a treat it was!  Carmen was born in Cuba and came to the United States when she was three years old.  She told the children the story of leaving Cuba and her first year in school in the states.  She is such a wonderful story teller and so funny!  The children were captivated by her stories!  Make sure to ask your child about Carmen's story about the peanut man and baseball.
Children were offered the opportunity before the break to order a book by the author so those that ordered a book were given the opportunity to meet the author one-on-one and have their book signed.  Each year Chets Creek Media Specialist KK Cherney brings a children's author to the school so that the children can hear from someone who is a published author or illustrator.  What a treat!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

As we eased back into the New Year we read and talked about goals and new year's resolutions (or "revolutions" as Luke called them!)  These are some of the things our children are thinking about as they ring in the new year!

Jaiden - My resolution will be cleaning my room.
Luke - My resolution will be I will run six laps every day.
Mikaela - I will take care of my guinea pig.
Subhangi - My resolution will be to go to Sea World because my dad helps me go to Sea World in a car.
Liam - My resolution will be to run laps as a family.
Jaylene - My resolution is to wash dishes and help Mom.
Nicky - I will recycle because it can help the environment.
William - My resolution will be to walk two laps around my neighbor's house.
Richie - My resolution will be to do my homework.
Griffin - I will clean my room.
Hailey - My resolution is to clean up my room.
Ethan - My resolution is to play more football.
Braylen - I will run laps.
Alyssa - My resolution is to eat less chocolate.
Gabriel - I will try to make better choices outside with my brother.

Austin - taking out the garbage
Manny - My resolution is to clean my room.
Grace - I am going to take care of my baby sister.
Christian - I will go to the beach.

Morgan - My resolution will be to help my sister make better choices at home so she does not get in trouble.
Jacob - My resolution is to run the track.
Nathen - My resolution is to sleep in.

Lilly - to clean my toys up
Avery - I am going to run.
Addison - My resolution is to clean my room.
Will - My resolution will be to exercise a lot more so I can get stronger.
Kayla - My resolution is to run laps.
Nelson - I want to go to more places with my friends.
Asher - I want to play on the computer more.