Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lobsters and sea stars and crabs - oh my!

What an exciting day in our classroom. Even Mrs, Phillips came to watch! Each of the children had a chance to check out 3 different sea creatures. Mrs. Roberts showed them videos and books but she also had a live sea star! You'll have to ask your child about how the starfish eats! Next Mrs Timmons had borrowed a hermit crab from 5th grade Scientist, Mrs. Swidorsky. She showed the children videos and read a book about hermit crabs but the kids really ohh-ed and ahh-ed as she lifted the real crab out of its habitat. She also had a great specimen of a hermit crab that had died. The children were especially fascinated as they watched the video of the hermit crab lifting himself out of one shell and into another!

Mrs. Ruark showed the class a live lobster! It was so-o-o-o cool. She had the lobster's powerful claws taped so that the kids couldn't get hurt.

This was one of the last lessons in our Science unit of the things that animals need to survive. Make sure to ask your child what animals need to survive (Hint: food, water, air, space, shelter)!

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  1. that day was cool from tanner byers