Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Retelling Lilly

Today we worked on retelling Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse by Kevin Henkes. You may have already heard this story on a previous blog post. Below is a first grade class reading the story. Enjoy it with your child and then ask your child to bring out the five story pieces that we ordered. glued on a strip of black paper and used today to retell the story. Make sure your child tells about each piece. As your child retells the story, the beginning should include the name of the main characters (Lilly and Mr. Slinger), where the story takes place (it begins at school) and the problem (Lilly wants to show everyone her new purple plastic purse). The middle should include at least three events (1-Lilly shows her classmates her purse and so Mr. Slinger takes it away, 2-Lilly gets mad and writes an ugly letter to Mr. Slinger and 3- Mr. Slinger returns the purse at the end of the day and Lilly feels terrible about her note. She runs all the way home) and then the ending should include the solution to the problem. The solution of course, is that Lilly takes cookies to Mr. Slinger, apologizes, and they do the happy dance together at Share Time!


  1. I Love playing barnyard book bingo whith the principal did you? nevin

  2. I love retelling Lilly and owen catherine