Wednesday, May 25, 2011

From The Minds Of Our Little Architects!

I did a church with people praying inside the church. the city is called NEW Raurk city. I used 3D shapes To build my building. it was hard because it kept falling down. it was in the midle of the city and it has a cross on top of the church. Angelina

We made the church in the midel of new Ruark city. it was Nicole and Catherine's church. The shapes were rectanguler prisums and a cube. there is 14 places in New ruark city. Nicole

My Math partner was Natali and we made a zoo. I wanted to call are city Las Timmons but our city was named New Ruark City. But I like it too. There was one zoo, one church, one police station, one mall, one park, one restaurant and one school. We have a grate city! Claudia

Me and Jeffrey made the houses. we disidid to make the houses because it was the easyist. I still think we shooda made it biger . Do you know what shapes I yoosd? We yoosd a cube, a rectangular prisome and a cone. Alaina

I thout it should be surf's up city. I like the name. The city had a lot of space! My favorite part was building the house. My partner was aliana. She was funny!!!!! Jeffrey

My building was the city mall. Me and vincent put a stage and a automatic door that takes people to there car. Two guards were at the door. Dazha

Me and michael builded a hopstal we put a bed in there.We put a waiting room in our hospital. We put it in the east.autumn

I built a mayors house. i built it with 12 peaces. I like whin i got to build with cubes and rectangular prisms and triangular prisms.connor

Me and Autumn used 12 shapes and we made a hospital out of 12 shapes. Can you believe that? I built a hospitl. I yoused 5 cylinders, a triangler prism, a cube and a rectangular prism. Michael

Me and Nevin builted a hosbitel. it was so hard. it keept falling down so we builted a new hosbitel. we builted in the southeast corner.david

Me and david built a hospital. our town is called New Ruark city. its a very nice place. We built it in the south east. nevin

I wanted to name it joe town but my class chose New ruark city. parker

We built a park and we did a slide.we used a cube and we used a retangeler prisom.we did a skate board ramp and a tunol.we also used a traingeler prisom. we made a slide for little kids too. the city was named new Ruark city. we put the park in the south west corner.jesse

Me and Jesse did a park. we did a slide and a skate baord ramp .it was on the south side and it was by the mall and restaurant. Taylor

I like our building. I like New Ruark City. I and Sean billd a restaurant. It name is Mrs. Timmons restaurant. Soma

Me and Soma bilt a restarant. The peepul that work in owr restarant make good mony. We bilt it nekst to the park in the west. Sean

Me and Shawn built a police station for NEW RUARK CITY! One of the shapes that we used was a sphere.The name of our police station is Duval County police station. Our police station is next to the house.It was fun! Gabriel

I made the new ruark city police station with Gabriel. we put a antina on the roof top and a car in the drive way and its name is very cool. it was very fun.shawn

I built a hospital in New Raurk City.My parther is johanna and nicholas. we are friends . I wanna name the city Skeleton City but my class named it New Raurk City. well I had fun any way so I hope you read this. Jardale

We used 3 ramps and some retanegr prisims. we used 4 trianigulal prisims...NicholasBlack

Me and Connor were building the mayors house.We made it favorite part is new Ruark city.It's cool.I have never seen a city like that but I still like the name. I hope you like it too. Dede

We build New ruark City. I build the hospital. My favorite part is when I build the top part of the hospital. My partners were nick and jardale. johanna

me and Claudia made a zoo out of bloks. My class chose the name new Raurk city. I'd rathor
have named it Writingville because I like the word ville because it's a fun word. You cod
say it all day if you ask me .It was pretty hard to make it at first.Natali

me and nick billd a hospehtl on a city calld new ruark city the hospehl is at north of the city.Brendy

My favoirte part is when we did the map because that was a very good idea. and that
kinda helpt me alitte bit any way that was very fun and I cant what until we do it again and it was funy that we used the bears as cars.Jacob

I love the name new ruark city but I thought of las timmons was a better and dazha built city mall and it was in the south near the was fun I used 2 cubes, 3trianglearprisims,2recteagrerprisims,2 have circles,1 hectagularprisim and I had a lot of fun.Vincent

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