Sunday, January 29, 2012

Report Cards Go Home Today!

Report cards go home TODAY and we will celebrate in our room tomorrow.  Make sure to join us at 9:15 for our Second Nine Weeks Awards Ceremony. 

Last week the children that will be receiving the "Readers-to-Leaders" Award enjoyed time with the Principal playing Bingo.  Each night your child brings home a form to write down the book that is read.  This coming nine weeks, the children are being encouraged to write the book title down themselves.  No more parent help with the writing!  The children are expected to read 25 books each nine weeks.  That same expectation is for every student K-5.  Reading nightly is a habit  and expectation that your child will have as long as they are at Chets Creek.  Children that read, write down the books, and then remember to turn them in each week receive the "Readers-to-Leaders" Award at our Awards ceremony.  To help encourage students, Mrs. Phillips has a special event for all of the students that meet that goal.  This nine weeks the kindergarten students were invited into the Dining Room to play Super Hero Bingo with the Principal.  Each child left with a prize.  What did your child win?  It's fun for the children and reminds them that reading is important.  Children that don't meet the goal remain in the room to read ):  Have your child started on the goal for the third nine weeks?

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  1. Will was so excited to play bingo with Mrs.Phillips and win a prize!! :)
    Can't wait to see what this nine weeks' prize is!! :)