Tuesday, September 4, 2012

To the computer lab we go...

Today we made our first trip to the computer lab.  We wanted to review procedures with our returning students and teach our new students the procedures for using a computer in our classroom.  Children practiced turning the computers on and signing in - no small task with the 10 random letters and numbers for a username and another 10 or so for the password!  Of course, it is the same for a student all their years at Chets so if they finally memorize it, at least they can continue to use it for all six years!  Until memory sets in, each child has an index card with all the information. 

We then learned how to get into Number Worlds which is one of the Math programs that our children use.  Next week we will send the passwords home so that students can also get into the games at home!  Each day four students will be allowed to use the computers during the day when we have independent work time.  We will add specific sites that the children may choose from - they are not allowed to just surf the web! - as the year goes along.

Make sure to ask your child about their time in the Computer Lab today.  We expect it to be the first of many days!

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