Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Look what came out of the garden!

Dr. Zenk visited our classroom with a basket full of goodies from the garden.  She is a volunteer who helps us in the Chets Creek garden.  She is the one who helped us plant our potatoes.  Today she brought all kinds of plants from the garden that are all different parts of a plant.  Some were leaves like all the different lettuces that are being being harvested right now.  She also brought colroby (which I had never heard of) that is a stem!  Mrs. Phillips said it tastes like a cross between cabbage and an apple! We talked about our potatoes, which of course, are roots and our delicious radishes.  She also brought six little containers of herbs for the children to see, touch and smell.

  Of course, the children wanted to taste EVERYTHING but Dr. Zenk said they could only taste with their parents' permission so she suggested that they come with their families this Saturday at 9:00 when she will be sharing with families what is growing and will let the children taste anything they want!  Now that's a date!

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