Sunday, April 13, 2014

Lester's Contining Inspiration


Children's author Lester Laminack visited our classroom after speaking to the kindergarten.  He sat with many of our students and conferred with them about their writing.  After Mr. Laminack's visit , our Australian student decided to go home and write his very own thank you letter to Lester. He wanted to personally deliver the letter to Lester before he left Chets Creek to continue his journey onto other schools. Mr. Laminack graciously read his letter with much interest and intrigue. Our student wrote about how much he loved when Lester came into our classroom and how he sat and talked to him about his opinion writing. He talked about how his favorite part in Trevor's Wiggly Wobbly Tooth was when grandmas teeth fell out. "It was gross" he said.

Lester told our friend that he had never received a letter from an Australian student before and that it meant a great deal to him. He also went on to say that he knows the great Australian children's author Mem Fox and that he would show her the letter. You could see the wonder in our student's eyes as he stood and listened to Mr. Laminack speak.

Thank you Lester for continuing to provide the hope and wonder that children so desperately need to become successful adults in this ever changing world. You are an inspiration, not only for children but for teachers as well. Until next time...

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