Monday, September 20, 2010

Sensory Safari

Today we took our very first field trip. It was a walking field trip to J Allen Axom Elementary School which is about a 1-1/4 miles away from Chets Creek. Can you believe that over 200 Chets Creek first graders walked 2-1/2 miles today? We were fortunate to have two crossing guards with us all the way and a police escort for the big crossing at Hodges. We walked so far that Connor wanted to know if we had walked to North Carolina?

After we got to the auditorium, we were treated with short stations in which very knowledgeable instructors told us about the animals that were on display. All the animals were treated by a taxidermist - in other words they were stuffed full size. We saw several different types of big cats like a lion and a jaguar, zebra, several different types of bears (one standing at his full height!), rhino (did you know that the rhino is the deadliest animal in the jungle?), turkeys (did you know that some male turkeys have a beard?) pheasants, mallards, an owl, an alligator, buffalo and bison, a porcupine with its quills down, and so many other animals and birds. Several children commented that they had seen some of the animals on their Kindergarten zoo trip last year. After seeing and hearing about the animals, the children were able to actually touch the animals! What interesting sensations! Make sure to ask your child all about it!

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