Friday, September 24, 2010

Where were my teachers today?

Today Mrs. Ruark and Mrs. Timmons were in Math training all day. Even teachers have to go to school to learn new things! The State has all new Math Standards. There are suppose to be fewer standards that are taught deeper - to help our children keep up with their peers in other countries. After all we want our youngsters to be ready to compete in the international marketplace! As a result your teachers spent the day learning from their peers and under the direction of Standards Coach Suzanne Shall. Even Principal Phillips dropped in for new training! While the teachers were away your children were in the capable hands of Mrs. Coclough who has substituted in our class several different times this year. She loves our class and knew that we were really just a few rooms away. Thank you Mrs. Coclough for taking such good care of all of our friends!

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