Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving on Thursday

Many of our young readers are ready for chapter books - more words, fewer pictures - so we thought we would begin by reading aloud some of the first books in some of the series that they can choose such as the Magic Tree House series. By reading the first book in a series, the students can meet the characters and get a feel for the books to see if they might be interested in others in that same series. We started by introducing the class to eight year old Jack and his seven year old sister Annie as they are transported to another time when they open a book in their magic tree house. We first read book #1, Dinosaurs Before Dark, which the children loved. We just couldn't resist adding book #27, Thanksgiving on Thursday right before the holiday. Of course, we realized that we might need to add a little additional background knowledge to this historical fiction when we asked them to guess who the characters might meet on this adventure and they guessed George Washington and Abe Lincoln! We did fill in with some traditional Thanksgiving books of the first celebration between chapters! Make sure to ask your child about the adventures in the Magic Tee House! And have a wonderful, gratitude-filled holiday!


  1. I think Thanksgiving on Thursday is a spotaukerler book.Dazha

  2. I love thanksgiving