Saturday, April 30, 2011

We Won the Purple Cow!

Each month each class puts up a new standards-based bulletin board that reflects the work that is being done in that classroom. The boards are suppose to be a window into the instruction in the classroom and really try to reflect what we are learning during the month. And each month a primary and intermediate board are selected as the BEST boards of the month. The award is called the Purple Cow Award because teachers are encouraged to be a purple cow in a brown cow world and of course, it goes with our farm theme. Our board in March featured our work around our Kevin Henkes author study and featured so many of our students. We are so proud to have so much student work on our board.

Many of the children have their photographs on the board that were taken when they were dressed up as one of the mouse characters. All of the children have a pair of Lilly's movie star glasses in the border and the top border features their drawing of their favorite Kevin Henkes character. Owen ended up being their favorite character!Those are Connor's amazing clay puppets coming out of Lilly's purple purse at the top of the board!
Jesse's small moment narrative story is featured. It is a story about Wendell finding the roller coaster at Busch Gardens.

Dede's compares herself to Kevin Henkes' Chrysanthemum using a graphic organizer.A graphic organizer worked on as a pair describes the beginning, middle and end of a Kevin Henkes story and then Dazha took that a step farther and used the same graphic organizer while reading a book from her independent reading bin.

Jacob's work in Readers' Theatre is described on how he worked so hard on his fluency!Nevin's response to literature is a retelling of Kevin Henkes' Chrysanthemum and is the culminating piece.

We are just so proud of the children's work and love that their work is being recognized! And all we could say was, "WOW!"



  2. I LOVE KEVEN HENKES!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Is there really such thing of a purple cow?Dazha