Friday, August 26, 2011

Jack and Jill

Nursery Rhymes began this week and oh what a fantastic time we have had.  Our first rhyme is "Jack and Jill."  You may remember the rhyme from your own childhood (whew, long time ago for some of us).

The teachers acted it out first, one playing Jack and one playing Jill...what a picture...hehehe!

And then some of the children had an opportunity to do the same.  ADORABLE!

We'll be working with these rhyming words and this nursery rhyme all week.  Make sure to ask your child to say or sing "Jack and Jill"!  If they choose to sing you the song, ask them to show you the motions along with it.  Seriously, they couldn't be any cuter!!!  We love each of them so much!

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  1. When my son came home last Friday, I just mentioned Jack & Jill. I asked him about them, and he even sang the rhyme to me. Later we performed it for the family.