Friday, November 4, 2011

Homework - Oral Reports

      One of our standards in Kindergarten falls under Speaking and Listening. Kindergartners are expected to be able to talk with a partner and in front of their peers about the books they love. Today they brought in a favorite book and objects in a bag that they could use to give an oral book report. They sat in a circle and took turns reporting and listening. They were amazing as they wowed their friends with pop up books and books with pictures and recording of their grandmothers and so many other heart-felt and funny facts. They each responded in the complete sentence, "I like this book because _________." Believe it or not, this simple homework activity and "show and tell" in the classroom is the foundation for the Literary Analysis of a text that they will be required to write about in 4th grade. They have to be able to talk about the books they are reading before they can write about them. And... to be able to talk about books, they have to learn to be silent when someone else is talking (no small task!) and to look at the presenter while he is speaking and the presenter needs to learn to talk so his friends can hear and to make eye contact with his audience. All of this out of a simple homework assignment!


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