Friday, November 11, 2011

Reading a Million Words

Each year we ask that student read 25-30 books each nine weeks with the goal of reading one million words each year.  Research tells us that the more students read the better they get at reading!  In Kindergarten we log the books in class and also ask parents and students to begin the lifelong habit of reading every single day by having each student take home a "book in the bag" and log that book each night.  In first grade we will hold the students responsible for this habit and only those students who log the 25-30 books will get the Readers-to-Leaders Award each nine weeks.  To encourage students across the school to read, the Principal always promises to do something outrageous or fun for the students who meet the goal.  Last year she was slimed, kissed a pig, invited students to play Bingo with her and invited them to a carnival.  This year she started this first nine weeks by being duct taped to the wall for two hours while she read!  Two of our students were chosen to help tape her to the wall and then all of the students had a chance to go by the wall after lunch and hear her tell them that she would do absolutely anything to encourage them to read.  i guess now they know she really will do ANYTHING!

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  1. This made me giggle when I walked past her...I giggled again looking at the pictures! I hope everyone realizes what a FANTASTIC school Chet's Creek is and how much these teachers love them and love watching them learn!!!