Thursday, March 15, 2012

Making Clay Continents

We continued our procedural writing today by beginning with a project.  Today each table made their own map of the continents using colorful clay.  Each child at a table had one laminated form of one of the continents to use as an outline.  As each continent was shaped out of clay it was carefully lifted and placed onto the larger foam board to create a world map.

After experiencing the activity each child was asked to write
"how to make a clay continent."  Below is one student's attempt at explaining the project.

How to Make a Clay Continent
1.  First unwrap the clay and roll the clay. Don't worry. It will be hard.
2.  Then smoosh the clay and make it flat.
3. Next take the clay and take it into little pieces.
4.  Finally spread the clay onto the plastic.

You will need: 1 picture, plastic, scrapper, Popsicle (stick), clay

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