Thursday, March 29, 2012

Skype from Japan!

As you probably know, Mrs. Timmons had an unexpected call over the Spring Break,  Her husband, Wes Timmons, who substitutes at Chets Creek during the off-season, is a professional baseball player.  He has been playing in the Minor Leagues for nine years and this year he is playing with the Oakland A's.  He went to Spring Training with the big team and then was invited to join them for four games in JAPAN!  So.... during Spring Break he called Mrs. Timmons and told her to get out her passport because she had been invited to join him for a week in Japan!

On Wednesday, she stayed up late (there is a 13 hour time difference!) and Skyped the class!  We were so excited to actually see her and talk to her.  She showed up the Japanese money "yen" and even showed us a Japanese coin with a hole in it.  She taught us a few Japanese words, showed us chop sticks and talked about the differences in the food she is eating.  Do you know that she is eating seaweed for breakfast?  We also learned that the Japanese often take their shoes off when entering someone's home and that she had to take her shoes off at a Japanese Restaurant and then sat on pillows on the floor to eat her dinner!  Mr. Timmons said he had lunch at McDonald's!  Mrs. Timmons also told us that the Japanese dress up their dogs in clothes and shoes and that even the dogs have to take off their shoes when entering the house!  Mrs. Timmons answered all of out questions and then as we went off to lunch, she went to bed!  We can't wait to hear all about her adventures when she gets back to school next week!


  1. Wes is my favorite baseball player. I really hope the A's give him a shot this year. Great story!