Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Starry Starry Family Night

Tonight families joined us for a night under the stars....only the outside event turned into an inside event...   Afraid that the night air would be too cool, all the festivities were brought inside instead of watching the movie outside under the stars.  Then the wind slowed the chicken and the French Fries so dinner moved so s-l-o-w, but families still came, enjoyed dinner, and the movie in the Dining Room on the floor in sleeping bags.  Parents had donated Cosmic Brownies, Star Crunch, and Moon Pies for the children to enjoy during the movie.

The absolute highlight of the evening was 5th grade Science teacher Carolyn Swidorsky bringing her telescope and having the children look at Jupiter and its four moons - a once in a lifetime activity for many of the students and their families!  She also explained an app called Sky Walk that parents could download on their phones to help them identify what they see in the night sky.  Too cool!

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