Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fall Pumpkins

One of our Chet's Creek traditions is for each of our classes to take a pumpkin and use it to illustrate a favorite book. Some years we have just picked something easy to illustrate and some years the parents have done most of the work and the children haven't been involved at all... but not this year!  This group of parents really wanted the display to represent the children.
 The tornado!

It was easy to choose a book because Mrs. Ruark has been reading The Wizard of Oz and it is a class favorite. The moms asked the kids to write a paragraph about their favorite part of the book and then took their inspiration from the students' writing. Can you tell that they loved the tornado, the trees throwing apples, and the characters falling asleep in the poppy field? I just LOVE that the parents made this all about the kids!

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