Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Which is Heavier?

Our class has been studying matter in science. Today's essential question was,  "Which is heavier?" I showed the students various objects asking them which they thought was heavier and why. Some of these objects were two of the same pieces of paper one folded into fourths and one crumpled into a ball, a blown up balloon and a marble, a nerf ball and a foam ball of the same size. The reason for these particular objects was to show the children that size does not always mean an object will be light or heavy. 
Our final two objects to be weighed were a half cup of water and a half cup of cooking oil. I poured them into two plastic glasses and asked the students which they thought was heavier and why. Every student responded saying that the oil would be heavier because it's gooey and sticky. When I placed the water and oil on the balance, the room erupted when they saw that the water was heavier than the oil. We discussed that water has more mass and is therefore denser than oil. I then poured the oil into the water showing how the two separate. Visualizing density totally blew their minds. It was a great lesson!

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