Friday, February 13, 2015


Mrs. Ruark has been throwing and kicking the football with a group of students during recess for the past month.  The boys, especially, seem to enjoy passing and kicking the football and have continued to play in small groups.  Today we had a student come over during recess with one shoe on and one shoe off.  "What happened to your shoe?"  "Well...  I kicked the football and my shoe came off with the football and now it's on top of the building!"

So...  off to the office we went (laughing all the way!)  Ralph, our trusted custodian, climbed the ladder and slowly crawled across the roof, while teachers and students with walkie talkies on the second floor directed him toward the shoe... and Principal Phillips stood on top of the ladder directing the entire scene! (Can't you just picture it?!)  Only at the Creek!

I swear - we don't make this stuff up! By the way - the student did go home with both shoes!

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