Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sliding Through Science

What do we find on the earth’s surface? Well today the T&R’s explored the grounds of Chets Creek Elementary to find the answers. Our class has been discussing soil, sand, clay, rocks and water over the last few days. Today we got an up close and personal look at a few of these things. The students created slides by cutting out the centers of index cards and placing packing tape over the hole to make a microscope slide. We visited the garden that was recently planted where we found an abundance of topsoil. The students trampled the baseball field that is full of red clay and we took samples from the playground sand, as well as, from the gravel behind the school. After our outside adventure the students came back into their classroom science lab and looked closely at each sample. Through the use of magnifying glasses they wrote down what they observed in their science journals. As the students compared and contrasted the room filled with scientific thought and conversation. Bill Nye would be so proud!

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