Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge

Today we read the delightful story of Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge by our favorite author Mem . who Wilfrid lived beside an old folk's home and helped Miss Nancy get her memory back. It is a delightful story that we will be revisiting for the next few days. On Wednesday Mrs. Ruark will bring a item from home that evokes a memory and will write her story for the children. On Thursday Mrs. Timmons will bring an item (make sure to ask your child what item they each brought to school!) On Thursday your child is invited to bring an item that reminds him of a favorite memory and then he will be invited to write the story of that memory. If you would like to hear the story or share it with your child, go to this web site and find the book. Maybe you have a memory item that you would like to share with your child!

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