Saturday, October 30, 2010

Our Fall Festival

What an exciting time of year! Our pumpkins turned into a Down on the Farm (our favorite class book) display in the lobby as our children entered the building all week. We have Shawn's family to thank for donating the pumpkins!

The children were just so excited on Friday! They burst into the classroom in costumes of their favorite book characters. They loved the parade with its high fiving all of the upperclassmen lining both sides of the hall and then the walk through the Dining Room as the families snapped pictures! Then it was back to the room for Fall Centers. We couldn't have done it without Dahza's grandma, Autumn and Catherine's moms and Taylor's dad helping out. After lunch it was back to the room to cut the pumpkin that Soma's family had donated. We had a contest to see who could cut a length of yarn that was the same length as the circumference of the pumpkin. We'll be counting the seeds that were in the pumpkin on Monday and comparing them to our estimations! Next we used our pattern blocks to decide which shapes should be used for the eyes, nose and mouth of our jack-o-lantern. We used triangles for the eyes, a rhombus for the nose and then a trapezoid with rhombus fangs for the mouth! It was a spooky delight! After going to Media we decorated the photos that the children brought home.
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Many of our families returned for the night adventures. The Ruark and Timmons' families gave out candy in front of our door for the trick-or-treaters and then joined the families for all the fun outside. We can't thank the families enough who agreed to donate their time to man our booth. Autumn's mom worked so hard that Autumn missed all of the trick-or-treating! We can't thank her enough for organizing all of of our families. Hope you all enjoyed the rest of your weekend!


  1. I can't wait to find out how closely your estimate comes to your actual number of pumpkin seeds. Maybe you should bake and sample them, and of course share them with your favorite neighbor.

  2. The fall festivall was fun! nevin

  3. I had a good time at the fall festival, michael

  4. The fall festivall