Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Our Giving Project

Each year classes at Chets Creek are encouraged to adopt a giving project for the season.  So many of our children get so much at the holiday and we want to remind them that there are people who also have a difficult time during the holiday and who need our help.  With our economy slipping and so many people out of a job, we know how stressful this time of year is on so many. 

We started this project by reading a book, The Giving Tree, which tells the story of a tree that gives and gives and gives out of love.  We want our children to capture that feeling and so we took the name of a family from our Angel Tree in the lobby.  All of the families that are represented on the tree are from our own Chets Creek family.  For some of the families, the gifts of love that are purchased by the families in our class will be the only Christmas that the family will have.  We so appreciate those of you who are able to help with this project this year and if you are not, we certainly understand.  It will not diminish the pride that each of the children will feel as we take the presents and deliver them under the tree.

As part of our display in the Lobby to let others know what we are doing as our giving project, we asked each of the children to write something they could do to show kindness on an ornament that we put on the tree.  We love that our children will be thinking about others during this season.  When you have a chance, stop in the Lobby and read all of the ways that they decided that they could show kindness this holiday season!

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  1. I loved watching the kids pick out their favorite way of giving...brings it all back! You guys are doing a fantastic job of teaching...minds, bodies and spirits. Couldn't ask for better teachers. :)