Monday, December 12, 2011

Rainy Days and Mondays...

What do you do on that rare occasion when you can't go outside for recess because it is raining?  In Kindergarten we often teach the children to play games.  We have found that young children need lots of lessons on playing fairly!  They just want to WIN and good sportsmanship is often a taught skill!  One of the games that is always a school favorite on rainy days is Heads Up, Seven Up.  Maybe you played it when you were in school! 

To play Heads Up, Seven Up, seven children are chosen to come to the front. 
The rest of the class puts their heads down on their desks with their hands in a fist with thumbs up. 

When the teachers says, "Go!" the seven children each go and put one child's thumb down and then go back to their place at the front of the room.  The teacher then tells the children they can look up.  The children who had their thumbs put down get to try to guess which child at the front put their thumb down.  If they are right, they take that child's place and if they are wrong the chosen child stays at the front for another turn.  This is a simple game but it is sometimes hard for kindergartners not to "cheat" by opening their eyes.

Make sure to ask your child about this game.  You might want to spend some time playing games with your Kindergartner at home because this is such a great time for them to grow and enjoy games.  You might even whisper in Santa's ear that you would love to have a few games included in this year's gifts!  Let us know what your favorite game is to play with your child!


  1. Ethan checked the blog!

  2. I remember playing this game when I was in Elementary school! So much fun. :) Cracked me up when Will called it Heads Down, Seven Down.

  3. Angel likes "Simon says," and his version of "hide and seek."