Friday, December 16, 2011

Run run as fast as you can...

So what do you do on the last day before the holiday?  Why you look for the missing gingerbread boy, of course!  He came in for a visit and before we knew it, he was missing!  However, he did leave us some clues as to where we might find him.  The first clue sent us to the stage in the Dining Room.
 The second clue sent us out to the portables where our fifth grade partners were waiting.
They told us they had seen the gingerbread man and he left a clue that he was on the playground. So... it was off to the playground we went just to find out we had missed him once again.
Of course, he did leave us another clue and we finally found him by the kindergarten class with the gingerbread house - of course!
We just couldn't believe that he had taken us on such an adventure.  He did leave some gingerbread cookies for us to eat!
Since we have been writing pattern books, the children each wrote their own Gingerbread Boy pattern book. The following is an example. Angel used his vast knowledge about animals to incorporate into his pattern book. Once upon a time the gingerbread boy ran away from a ... If you listen carefully you will see that Angel had his gingerbread boy run away from animals in alphabetical order beginning with A until he finally got to Z where the zebra ate him all up!

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  1. The whole family enjoyed it!

    Los Vega