Tuesday, August 28, 2012

100 Points of Light

I posted earlier about our new word wall that is going to be on the ceiling!  In trying to orient the children in figuring out just how the wall was going to work (it's around the outside of two walls) we wanted to do something fun.  We had the idea of darkening the room and working with flashlights and letting the children find words with the lights, but... as with so many ideas, we didn't have 36 flashlights.  As we were considering raiding the hurricane stash, Williams' mom came to rescue and sent in 36 little flashlights with batteries!  They are the perfect size.  We used the lights today and the children could hardly stay in their seats.  They were so excited.  We had all the children, and then tables of children, and finally,  individual children, find letters and words.  I have a good feeling that the children understand the alphabetical order and where to find the words and they did it in such a novel way.  We plan to use the flashlights at least once a week, so... if you have any great games and ideas, let us know!

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