Monday, August 20, 2012

The Bug Chef!

The kids and the teachers were ready for the first day of school.  As children began to arrive early they were greeted by our new (and adorable!) 5th grade patrols.  As students walked into "The Candy Shop" they gave their teachers a hug and then greeted friends from last year and new friends in our classroom.

We had barely gotten settled when it was time for our first assembly.  Every year on the first day of school, Principal Susan Phillips wows the student body with an activity that has something to do with the year's theme.  The theme this year is "Recipe for Success."   She wowed us with the Bug Chef!  This guy actually has a cookbook that incorporates bugs!  He actually told us how good the bugs are for us!  Lots of protein, he said! Now I don't expect any of the children to be cooking bugs any time soon, but he actually showed us the bugs and then cooked them - tempura with meal worms, fried scorpions and shish kabob crickets!  Mrs. Ruark stepped forward to volunteer to taste one of the concoctions!  She had the fried scorpion, but I don't think she was impressed enough to be making scorpion for dinner tonight!

After lunch and recess we made our own concoction (without the bugs, of course!)  The class decided to name our recipe "First Grade Trail Mix."

And, then, of course we wrote about it.
Since our theme is about cooking, this is the just the first of many cooking projects this year.  And if this first day is any indication, this is going to be one delicious year!

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