Wednesday, August 22, 2012

PTA Shirts!

We are so fortunate to have one of the best PTAs around.  They do so much for the school.  This year, for instance, they are donating over $20,000 for new Dining Room tables.  The tables are now 15 years old and were beginning to break and crack.  It's a huge expenditure and one the school could never afford without the PTA.

Another thing they traditionally buy is a theme-related tee shirt for every single student and staff person.  This year the shirts are read and white.  Students are encouraged to wear them each Friday for Spirit Day.  In fact, we give a little prize to each child that remembers.  This Friday will be our first school-wide flag raising so it's the perfect start to the Friday tee-shirt tradition.  Tee-shirts are also worn on field trip days.  I think we look pretty terrific in our new Recipe for Success tee-shirts.  What do you think?

Make sure to check out our picture on the Principal's blog!