Saturday, November 16, 2013

Native American Study at Home

We have been so busy making costumes for our Pow Wow.  We have had the leadership of a trio of moms. Finn, Levi, and Paige's moms have been busy little bees getting everything ready for us.  We strung necklaces with salt dough medallions and colored noodles last week and will be ready to make our wampam belts next week.

You may enjoy getting onto our kindergarten Native American wiki and viewing some of the videos and pictures with your child that we will be looking at next week.  I know Finn's dad has been talking to him about Native Americans because Finn has been sharing with us some of the things he and dad have been talking about!  I know the children will enjoy learning all about Native Americans from you. 

This week we learned that Jaxon's grandfather actually grew up on an Indian Reservation!  He told Jaxon about the rarity of the White Buffalo so Jaxon took that as his Native American name, White Buffalo, because he is as unique and special as the white buffalo.  Isn't that the greatest story?!

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