Monday, November 25, 2013

Season of Giving

Our class will be supporting “Promise to Kate” for our “Season of Giving” project this year.  Some of you may know Mrs. Elizabeth Conte.  She has been a longtime K-1 Chets teacher.    Mrs. Conte‘s daughter Kate was born with myotonic muscular dystrophy which is an inherited disorder that the family was unaware that they carried.  After Kate was born, Elizabeth and her husband, Dave, founded “Promise to Kate,” a foundation that embodies their promise to raise money to cure the disease in Kate’s lifetime.    They are working with a “Dream Team” of researchers right here in our own state at the University of Florida.  The money they raise goes to fund research but also helps families who need the services of Wolfson Children’s Hospital.  Elizabeth and Kate joined our class today to tell the children about their work. This is an especially appropriate project for us, since our children at Chets see Mrs. Conte and her son, Charlie, daily and also see little Kate, who comes to Chets early in the morning before preschool to receive occupational and physical therapy along with speech and language services.  It helps our children connect the season to making a difference in someone’s life right here at the Creek.

For our part, we will be auctioning off some holiday items (including he hearts that each family will make!) by the class during the PTA’s silent auction that will be held in the school’s lobby.  We hope that you will want to stop by and support the silent auction.  What we hope to accomplish during this season of giving is for the children to begin to understand the meaning of service to others.  We appreciate your support and especially you speaking to your child about this very worthwhile cause.   We are very excited to be supporting something so close to home.

You can learn more about supporting this worthy cause or view a video about Kate .

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