Friday, November 22, 2013

Pow Wow: The Main Event 2013

What an incredible day!  I hope you were able to attend the event LIVE, but if you missed it, I hope you will be able to see the pictures.  The children were adorable in their Native American outfits, thanks to a group of moms that sewed, cut and glued and made out Mighty Iroquois tribe as authentic as possible.  The Pow Wow performance is quite the spectacle with our 200+ kindergartners formed into six circles representing six different tribes.  The songs and dances the children performed and then the story by Chief Jumping Frog reminding the children of their heritage and of the Native children that walked on our very land are quite the memory!
If you had to leave after the performance, I hope your child told you all about the amazing Centers that followed throughout the day.  We had a great tasting center where we tried foods that the Natives might have eaten.  We had dried and fresh fruit, items made with corn such as corn chips and popcorn,  and even dried meat!  We heard a new Native legend about the Rainbow Raven.  We enjoyed tribal games with a real fire that included a Scavenger Hunt.  The PE teaches had the children convinced that they had seen a black bear earlier in the day!  We made medallions with clay that will be fired and given to the children.  Many parents add the year to the medallion and put it on a holiday tree to commemorate this event!  The children painted with native dyes of beets and blueberries and cranberries and spices that were available in native times.  We learned a new native song with our music teachers and the children got to beat different types of drums.  We finished the day in the great tepee (you can see in the picture above).  As Peaceful Waters passed the Talking Stick to each of your children they told us that they were thankful for their parents and grandparents, for their brothers and sisters and new babies!  On child was even thankful for a new car but mostly you could feel that the children were so very thoughtful - that they knew they were loved and that they loved in return.  How thankful we are today to have shared this time with your children!

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