Saturday, November 24, 2012

Promise to Kate

Every year each class at Chets Creek chooses a "Seasons of Giving" project to help teach our children the lessons of giving and service.  Some classes are collecting markers and school supplies in support of former first grade teacher Beth Young who left the Creek to do full time mission work in Africa.  Other classes are collecting coloring books that will be donated to Wolfson Children's Hospital.  One class is collecting blankets for the homeless...  The projects are as varied as the classes.

Our class has decided to support a project near and dear to the Chets Creek heart.  It is a foundation called Promise to Kate, founded by  Kindergarten teacher Elizabeth Conte and her husband Dave, after their daughter Kate was born with myotonic muscular dystrophy, a very rare form of MD.  The foundation supports research with a goal of a cure in Kate's lifetime and also supports families that need the services of Wolfson Children's Hospital.

Before we left for the holiday Elizabeth came to our class with Kate to tell them about Kate's condition and to let them meet Kate.  Kate demonstrated her ability to say the letters of the alphabet and letter sounds to the delight of the children. Elizabeth shared with them about Kate's lack of tone and early development and how hard Kate has worked for things they often take for granted.  They were enthralled with every word that Elizabeth said and loved meeting Katie Bug.

Our class will join other classes at Chets in making a gift for the silent auction.  The money raised from our gift will be donated to Promise to Kate. Don't forget to stop by the Lobby and make an offer on one of the silent auction gifts and to tour all the service projects that the children at Chets have supported this season.

It is important that our children learn the value of service to others and that they are empowered to understand that they can make a difference. Our children have met Kate and will see her as she already walks the hallways for physical and occupational therapy and for Speech and Language services before she goes to preschool. They will see her as she grows up in the Chets family and they will know that they have had a hand in making a difference. We are so proud to be helping to support a project so close to home!

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