Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Teaching children early to read every single day is one of those things that is really worth fighting for!  We believe that children learn to read by reading. So.... one of the things we reward is children that read outside of the school day.  Reading is a part of every day's homework.  Children are challenged to choose a "just right" book to take home every night, read the book to an adult, log the book in a book log and then return the log to the classroom for the teachers to count.  We expect the students to take on this responsibility themselves.  We certainly hope that parents will support the process but we don't expect them to take on the responsibility.  If we teach our children to take on this responsibility themselves at this early age, then they will be ready to take it on for all of their elementary years.

Our Principal takes this training seriously and offers an incentive each nine weeks for students who reach the 25 book goal.  Today, to go with our theme, she became a banana split, allowing the Reading Council to cover her in bananas, syrup, strawberries, and whipped cream while the children watched.  She even took a pie in the face!  Now that's going the second mile for the children!

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