Friday, November 9, 2012

Kevin Henkes Celebration Day

Earlier in the week, the children brought in puppets that they had made  with their families.  They LOVED showing them to the class and telling the class what the character might say.
 Today each of our children came dressed as their favorite Kevin Henkes character.  They were soo-o-o excited!

Then it was off to centers.  We played Kevin Henkes Bingo which gave the children a chance to review all the facts that they know about our author.

Next we worked on a packet of games and puzzles.
 Then it was off to the "Lightbulb Lab."  Just like Lilly the girls made polka doted purple purses and the boys made spiffy ties, like Mr. Slinger.  All of the students made movie star glasses!

Finally we were back in our room to watch some of the movies of our favorite Kevin Henkes books and ate some cheesy snacks. "Wow.  And all she could say was, 'Wow!'"

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