Friday, November 9, 2012

Turtle Hybernation

The essential question was "How do some turtles stay warm in winter?"  First the children checked out the turtle below, noticing many of his physical attributes.
 Next groups of six gathered, with each student having a job in today's experiment.  The Materials Manager gathered all the materials for the experiment and brought them to the table.  Mrs. Ruark explained the experiment.  The children would use a thermometer to measure the temperature of air and soil.  They would then put the cups in an iced cooler and see what happened to the temperature.
 Each student used the Science workbook to write a prediction.
 The Data Recorders in each group recorded the temperature in each cup.
While the cups cooled in the ice the children continued their conversations of ecosystems.
They identified each of six ecosystems and then named animals that they would find in each.  This has been an on-going conversation.

 Next the students played a game on the iPad.  The iPad, which was under the document camera, showed a picture of an animal and then a student was chosen to choose the correct ecosystem.    When the 20-minute timer went off the children's "aw-w-w-w" let the teacher know how disappointed they were to stop the game!

The students gathered back in their groups.  One student went to the cooler to get the cups.  The children discovered that the thermometers in the dirt hadn't moved as far as the thermometers in the air.  They checked their predictions and revised them based on the new information.  They discussed why the turtles might want to dig down in the dirt when it got cold outside!  Great lesson!

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