Wednesday, June 5, 2013

2nd Grade Tour

It's such a big deal for first graders to move on to 2nd grade because it means they go upstairs! Today we traveled up the stairs to Mrs. Langford and Ms. Harkin's 2nd grade classroom. The teachers did a little mini-lesson of calendar Math and had individual children talk about different parts of their day. Next each 2nd grader took a 1st grader and gave him a tour of his desk and answered questions. The second graders did such a nice job of talking to the first graders!  The class came back together to talk about 2nd grade behavior.

The 1st graders really liked the fact that they would have a desk of their own! Having been a tables for two years, this is a very big deal!  They were concerned, however, about not having a bathroom in the classroom and how and when they would be excused. The students explained about their system for using the bathroom.  We think the students will feel much more secure on their first day of second grade.  Thank you Mrs. Langford and Ms. Harkins!

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