Tuesday, June 4, 2013


So, my new favorite tradition in the last week of first grade is to hang balloons from the ceiling.  In each balloon we put an activity such as playing Bingo, blowing bubbles, playing with play doh, eating popsicles, wearing no shoes and socks in class, lunch under the pavilion, movie and popcorn, cleaning the tables with shaving cream, etc.  Each morning a table gets to choose a balloon and then they have to decide how to pop it.  They have used a pencil, a fork, and scissors to stab the balloon.  They have slammed the balloon between the pages of a book and stomped on it.  They have smushed the balloon between two white boards!  The fun is watching them try to come up with a new way.  Tomorrow, I think we'll see if they can pop the balloon with no hands! 

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