Sunday, June 2, 2013

Final Awards Day

We had our final Awards Day Friday.  We are so thankful that so many parents were able to join us. We gave the usual awards, of course, but were also thrilled to announce that Asher and Abena had Perfect Attendance for the entire year!  We also had many students who received the Superintendent's Award for reading their 25 books for Readers-to-Leaders every single nine weeks - beginning the lifelong habit of reading every day!  We will be celebrating the students who met the goal the last nine weeks on Wednesday when the children will be guests at a food festival, choosing from cotton candy, a pickle, popcorn or a pretzel.  The children also received a wordle of the words that their peers had used to describe them.  The children used words from handsome to smart to chatterbox and trickster to describe their friends.  It's always amazing to see how the children describe each other and it is such a nice memento of their family of first grade friends.  We were also thrilled to announce that the last nine week's Soaring Eagles were Blake, Porter and Asher - three amazing young men who have added such character to our classroom this year!   We closed the Awards with a video of pictures and music that Mrs. Ruark assembled, capturing the best moments of the year.  The ceremony ended as the 1st graders closed their eyes to remember their year and the parents sneaked in with silly string and confetti to welcome them as new 2nd graders! It's just hard to believe that this is our last Awards Ceremony as a first grade family... but we still have a week of FUN left!

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