Tuesday, June 4, 2013


We had our first annual Ruark-Timmons/Barnhart-Daniels kickball game this morning. My husband, who is a PE teacher, was laughing this morning on the way to school when I told him what we were going to do... and I have to admit he was right!  Most of our children had never played kickball before and a few didn't come prepared (LOL! - see left) but what we didn't know in rules, we made up in FUN! Lots of the kids complained about the heat and wanted to quit after they had their turn kicking so it was a great lesson on how members of a team support each other!  We also did a lot of laughing together!  I'm not really sure who won the game but we declared ourselves the winner at fun!  Special awards for Great Sportsmanship went to Cameron, Hailey and Cohen!

We finished the day with cool, refreshing popsicles!

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