Friday, April 19, 2013

Ice Cream! We all Read for Ice Cream!

Each nine weeks the Principal thinks up some kind of special treat for all the students in the school that make their nine weeks reading goal.  In our first grade classroom, the students are expected to read 25 books (or chapters) at home during a nine weeks.  It works out to about 20 minutes a day at home.  The children have to remember to bring home a different book each night (or they can read a book from home), remind an adult to listen to them read each night, log the book onto a sheet that requires them to write the date and book title, and then remember to turn in the log when it is full and get a new one!  Whew!  Lots to remember for a little one but the habit of reading every night is one that will travel with them throughout their time at Chets Creek.  It's worth the extra work!

Today the payoff was an ice cream truck!  The children got to visit the truck after lunch and choose a special treat.  The Principal manned the truck so she could congratulate all of the children.  They were pretty excited! Over the years she has been slimed, taped to the wall, played Bingo with a prize for every child and the list goes on and on. Can't wait to see what she dreams up for the last nine weeks!

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