Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cohen's Persuasive Request to Visit a Friend

April 24, 2013

Dear Mom,
Can I go to Nathan W’s house ? I will be on my best behaveyour. I will have a buddy to walk with.Hes my best friend . Its not fair that Caleb got to hang out with Hose. What about me? I havent done anything.So you have to include me, right? Why is it that he would be the only one getting to play with Hose and I don’t get to go with Nathan? How about if he comes over to our house and we wood play the xbox 360? that way you wouldn’t have to wory about me because I’d be home. please think about it.

Your hopeful son,

Ps. We’ll have fun.


  1. Cohen thank you for your thoughtful letter. You have convinced me to reconsider having a play date if you get a Green everyday.

  2. I hope your mom decided to either let you visit Nathan, or to let Nathan come over. I'm sure you did one or the other after such a persuasive letter. You'll have to write again, to tell me what happened.

    I love and miss you man. -Dad

    P.S. See you next weekend.

  3. good job cohen very nice leter. you should write more
    -your big bro,