Thursday, April 11, 2013

Flat Stanley

We received a Flat Stanley from a first grade class in Holiday, FL.  Flat Stanley is the story of a little boy who had a bulletin board fall on him and became flat so his parents sent him in an envelope all over the world.  The idea was that the students in the Holiday class sent Flat Stanley to all their family and friends and the family and friends were suppose to take Flat Stanley on an adventure and then send him back home. In this way, the children in the original class learn about other places around the world.

The first grade class in Holiday is special to Mrs. Timmons because her daughter, Courtney Bogard, is the teacher!  Each child in our class wrote a letter to the children in Mrs. Bogard's class telling them about their favorite place in Jacksonville that they would like to take Flat Stanley.  They wrote about Adventure Landing and the beach, about the softball field and Monster Trucks.  They also wrote about Chets Creek,  Chuck E. Cheese and eating out with the family.  Their letters were adorable!  We also sent the children in Mrs. Bogard's class some books about the sea animals in Jacksonville, some postcards and even a package of Pepperidge Farm Little Fish for each of the students.  We also sent the picture above of our class with Flat Stanley.  Fun little project!

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  1. Dear Mrs. Timmons and Mrs. Ruark's class,

    We wanted to say thank you for taking care of Flat Stanley and taking him on so many fascinating adventures. He told us that he really enjoyed his trip to Jacksonville and learning about all of the great places to go. He had a great time at Adventure Landing playing laser tag and riding on the go carts. He also said that he really enjoyed going to cheerleading practice, the softball field and testing out his martial art skills. Flat Stanley said that he really learned a lot from all of you. He had a great time going to the movies and eating popcorn. He also enjoyed riding bikes around the neighborhood and wanted to say thank you for taking care of him when he was hurt and providing him with a bandaid. He is feeling much better. Flat Stanley wanted us to let you know that his favorite part was going to the Monster Truck show and seeing all of the trucks do so many neat tricks. Flat Stanley said that this was the best trip that he has been on yet and he can't wait to go back to Jacksonville soon. We wanted to say thank you for all of the great books and the fish. We had a really good time eating out fish while hearing about all of Flat Stanley's great adventures. Thanks again and we hope that you all have a wonderful rest of the year.

    P.S. Flat Stanley says "You guys are the best hosts and hostesses any guy could ask for. Thank you for all of the great experiences that you shared with me. This is by far the best place that I have traveled to yet. I hope to see you all again soon!"


    Mrs. Bogard's Class