Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Erosion Lab

Teaching our children about forces that can change the Earth's surface today. After watching a PowerPoint of before and after land forms, Mrs. Ruark unveiled the lab. The children discussed the rocks, sand, clay and humus that they saw on the slanted board.  Then children were off to their journals to draw the "before" landscape,  Finally they predicted what they thought would happen if we added air and/or water.
We started with a little air through a straw.  Ask your child what happened when we blew just a little stream of air.
Next the wind picked up a little.  Ask your child how the hurricane wind made a difference.
A spray bottle provided the light rain.  How does rain effect the soil?

Then finally it was a flash flood!  How did your child like the flooding?

What was your child's favorite part of the lab?

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