Thursday, April 4, 2013

Back in the Garden

We were thrilled to get into our little raised garden bed to find that the broccoli had developed while we were gone for Spring Break!
We dug up a carrot to see how they were doing (as we have done twice before) and decided that they still need a little time to grow.
We even found a cabbage ready to harvest!
One onion was ready!  The children loved smelling the onion! 

We visited the Chets Creek Community garden to check on our potatoes.  We were surprised that they had grown so much, although we realized that they weren't quite ready yet.  We also picked some red lettuce (actually we picked some turnip leaves first thinking they were lettuce, but when one of the children pulled the leaves so hard that the roots came up too, we realized we were picking the turnip leaves by mistake!)
As always, we enjoyed walking on the stepping stones as much as we enjoyed walking through the garden!
Then it was inside to draw and describe each of our veggies and make a few predictions in our Science Journals.  Finally we tasted all our bounty (red lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, onion, a turnip, and a few beans) with Ranch dressing.  Delish!

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